Hosting Your Child's Party At Home Vs Hiring A Venue

Your living room? The local village hall? A big franchise or chain? There are lots of options for party venues, and a variety of different decisions to take into account when choosing yours. Below, we lead you through a few things to consider before making the right choice for you.

Time and Date

If you are considering hiring a venue for your child's celebration, it's worth noting that many popular venues book up very quickly in advance, and often run a number of parties back-to-back. So not only is there a chance you might struggle to get the time and date you want, you may also find that you are ushered in and out on a tight timescale.

For some people, that might be a positive. If you hate the awkwardness of asking people to leave when a party’s over, a finish time dictated by the venue does, at least, clear any stragglers for you!

Hosting yourself gives you utter freedom. You can choose the date to suit, and the entire day runs on your timeframe. Start at the best time for the age range of guests and it won't matter if pass the parcel runs over a little bit!


If you hold the party at home, you are free to create the menu for the occasion. For larger parties, this might mean an outside caterer or supermarket platters. More often it will mean something you have rustled up yourself. Doing it yourself means you can accommodate any allergies or dietary requirements relatively easily, make sure fussy eaters will find something to enjoy without hassle, or simply be able to have you and your child's absolute favorite food and drink on the day. It does mean legwork, but it doesn’t have to be back- or bank- breaking.

While village halls and other more municipal-type buildings are relatively flexible, larger or dedicated party venues will often insist on providing food themselves, or will work with a selection of caterers that you must choose from. It should be an easier ride, but likely more expensive. If you’re cash-rich and time-poor, this could be a very good option for you!



There's no getting away from the hefty rental fees that usually accompany venue hire for a children's party, and this can soon run away with itself when you start adding entertainment, party bags and cake. There’s a reason you pay that though. You don’t have to worry about the cleaning or that heirloom from Great Aunt Cathy getting smashed. 

The joy of hosting at home means it's far easier to control your budget, you can cherry pick with suppliers for any extras and you can add any additional guests with minimum fuss.


If you host at home, you may be looking at a decent amount of clearing up, and lots of kids running riot can easily result in breakages or spills. Different people will have different tolerance for mess or stains, so think about yours. You might be better to host at an outside venue, or it might be as simple as clearing away the breakables and choosing drinks that won’t stain.

While external venues can be less fuss in terms of tidying, you’ll need to think about transport, and get there in good time to set up before everyone arrives. It’s also trickier if people have younger children with them – at home, you’ll have places for those newborns to nap quietly, but in a hired venue it will likely be a wall of noise, so the flexibility here is lower.

We obviously believe Ankle Biters party kits are the ideal solution for making party hosting as easy and cost effective as possible, whether at home or in your local village hall. But whichever type of party you’re planning, make sure the venue is right for you.

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