Why Throwing a Halloween Party beats ‘Trick-or-Treating’ any day

Ah, trick-or-treating. Second only to carol singing for the joys of knocking on strangers doors and hoping you're not going to find a Victor Meldrew on the other side!

Of course, there are bonuses - the dressing up, the sweets, spending time with friends and the chills of All Hallow's Eve that somehow become a warm part of your childhood memories... But maybe there's a better way to indulge in the spooky season than spending a cold evening teaching your children how to threaten OAPs for sweets... (that should be reserved for nanny and granddad after all!)

Here are a few great ideas to get you started on throwing your own Halloween party:

  • Dress up: From a simple mask to outfits that presumably take weeks, you can go for scary, funny or pretty - to suit your time and budget
  • Face Paint: Add a face painting station to your party and you (or anyone with an artistic bent and a steady hand) can create cats, vampires and pumpkins with style and panache
  • Decorate the house: Adding carved pumpkins (or the bought equivalents), dim lights or lanterns, scary skeletons or frightful cobwebs and bats, kids will love more cartoony stuff but do keep the gore and fake blood to a minimum!
  • Spooky music: Probably better to stick with themed pop like Monster Mash and Thriller rather than anything too atmospheric and spooky which could kill the party vibe a little!
  • Food: Themed, or a quick snack between the game, Good Food has a ton of recipes from graveyard cakes to eyeball pasta
  • Activities: biscuit decorating is a really simple option. You can buy sets, or make biscuits and cut them into ghosts, bats and pumpkins. We also love the simplicity of these hand spiders and loo roll monsters!
  • Games: This is where Halloween memories are really made! Find a water-proofed area and get stuck into some apple bobbing, or take a deep breath and a bulk pack of toilet roll and get into some mummy wrapping. It's also a great time for telling spooky stories. Make sure you tailor them to the right age group though or let them create their own, either a word or sentence by turn.

Have a defrightful, spooktacular Halloween. Hopefully, those puns are just the start of the horror!

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