Fun finger foods to serve at your kid’s birthday party

If you’re planning a birthday extravaganza for your child the food that you serve up can be one of the most involved parts of planning the big day. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be complicated to taste great and please all that are attending. For a kid’s birthday party finger foods are a great choice – they’re easy to eat, appeal to little ones and means you’ll have less washing up to do after the party.

Party finger foods

For easy, hassle free finger foods suitable for a kid’s party that will keep your guests happy too you could try some of these at your next event:

  • Pizza pinwheels – Pizza is often a favourite with kids of all ages and a pinwheel variety is perfect for a party. They’re small so easier to hold, look great and still have all the flavour you’d expect.
  • Dips – Whether you’ve got sweet or savoury dips, kids will love trying them out. Put them in small, individual containers to avoid as much mess as possible and add fruit, pitta slices or veggie sticks.  
  • Hotdog wraps – These are a great alternative to the traditional sausage roll and they’re sure to go down a treat. Bite sized pieces wrapped in pastry taste delicious – and you can add ketchup to taste.
  • Skewers – Skewers filled with treats will catch the eye of your little guests whether you’ve added brightly coloured fruits or some veggies and cheese. Just be sure to be careful if you have younger children as they can be sharp.
  • Mud cups – Kids love to get messy in the garden and will love mud cups just as much. Fill up some cupcake cups with chocolate pudding or mousse, crushed chocolate cookies and add some gummy worms for effect.
  • Popcorn – Super easy to make – or buy! - but pretty much universally loved by children, whether you’re serving up the usual sweet and salty varieties or pick something more unusual.  

Show off your theme

Remember you can simply tie many food items to your party theme too with a bit of creativity and some clever naming.

Cookie cutters are a simple way to transform boring sandwiches into princess crowns or jungle animals that will get your little guests coming back for more. While you could add flags adorned with the Jolly Roger to wraps to create pirate ships, label gummy worms ‘shark bait’ and place brightly coloured sweets and chocolate coins in a chest for a pirate themed event that will get you mini adventurers excited and into the party spirit.

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