Creating the perfect goodie bag for your child’s party

With everything that you need to plan for birthday party, goodie bags can seem like an extra hassle that you’d rather forget about. But children love them and with some planning ahead you can put together the perfect party bag that’s budget friendly too in no time.

Planning number of items vs cost

There are so many choices to fill your party bag with, and it can be difficult to find fun options that won't break the bank. Decide in advance what you want to spend in total on the bags, how many you'll need, and the cost per bag. Say you have 20 children coming, and you want to spend no more than £40 on the party bags:

£40 / 20 = £2

With the figure per bag, you can start to work out how many items you can include and what sort of cost per item you can afford. It's easy to get carried away with these, so making a budget first can save your wallet. Make sure you shop around to find bulk deals!

What should you include?

What will work best for your party will depend on the age of the children and whether the group is made up of boys, girls or a mix but a blend of these items should go down well:

  •        Games and puzzles – Fun items that they can play with over and over again will keep your guests entertained.
  •        Toys – There are plenty of toys that will appeal to all the kids attending your party, such as bouncy balls, toy soldiers & models and silly putty. 
  •        Bubbles – Kids love bubbles and they’re easy to pop in the bags too without having to worry that they’ll make too much of a mess even if they spill them.
  •        Stickers and tattoos – Children love things they can stick, whether it’s on their notepads or skin.
  •        Sweet treats – A party bag is ideal for sending your guests home with some sweet treats, from a slice of birthday cake to a mini bag of candy.

A crafty addition

If you’ve had activities at your party where the kids have made something, from a paper crown to a canvas they’ve decorated, these are a great filler to add to the bags. Not only is it something extra to take home but they’ll no doubt be proud of their handy work and want to show it off to mum and dad.

Make it themed!

A party bag is the perfect place to show off your party theme and help tie the whole event together and make it even more memorable. It can be as simple as adding some sweets that reflect your party theme or you could add some accessories that will get used again and again when they play dress up.

Ankle Biter party bags

If you buy a party kit the goodie bags are one less thing for you to worry about when organising your child’s birthday party. Every bag includes bubbles and a ‘click and catch’ ball game, which kids will love to get out and play with at the party and once they’re home too. Depending on the theme you’ve picked you could also find jungle puzzles, a wand, pirate tattoos and more in the party kit.

Each bag contains five items, plus you can pop in the completed craft projects that come with the Ankle Biter party kits. For an extra treat, your guests are sure to appreciate some sweets or cake being added too.


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