About us

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Our company

Ankle Biters was set up after David & Ellie Rofe (brother and sister) spent time hosting and visiting dozens of children's birthday parties and noticed a few things: 

- Parents were frazzled
- They were spending a fortune
- Often, that money was going into the arms race of 'bigger and better' rather than something that was actually good value for money 

Kids like to play and have fun pretty much as default, and they really don't need a £500 jungle gym hire or a fun fair in the garden to do that. 

Parents have plenty to be getting on with, and just when they should be excited to celebrate another milestone with their child, they're spending so much time and money organising the the party that by the time it arrives they're too shattered to enjoy it. 

We realised we could do the hard work for parents - saving them money and time - while they get to enjoy the big day with their child. 


We're always looking for other companies who share our desire to help parents enjoy more time with their kids, or who want to help make parties a truly special occasion. Please get in touch if you think we could become partners! 


“I threw a party for 18 children with an Ankle Biters Pirate Kit. Everything I needed arrived on my doorstep, and I just had to think about the food. It made it so much easier for me, and the kids had a ball with all the activities.

Emma, Lichfield

“It was the first time I threw a party for my girl as a single parent, and I was dreading it, to be honest. A friend recommended this kit and it took most of the hassle out and left me to enjoy it with my daughter."

Andy, Hertford

“The kids really enjoyed themselves. I worked out it was far cheaper than I could have bought everything for, and I didn't have to do all the searching and prep. Thanks!"

Julia, London