Are you busy? Are you confused? Stressed? Want to save money? Our kits offer great value for money, save you time and - most importantly - give your child a fun and memorable celebration with their friends. 

We talk about how crazy children's parties have got, but we get swept up into doing something bigger or better than the last birthday. It's time to get back to basics. It's not difficult for children to have fun, and we believe our kits allow them to do this while giving you a break from hours of organising and tons of expense. 

We realise parties vary in size greatly. 8 children is the minimum we offer, but if you have more children coming you can add individual guests after you've selected your basic kit. They're available at check-out, or you can go to the Add-Ons page. 

If you add a significant number of guests, we also offer add-on pinata and pass-the-parcels, (one of each included in every pack) so that all the children can participate in these activities. That's totally at your discretion!

We don't currently do food. We're currently developing links with various partners to help create a simple, cost-effective solution to this in the future. We do offer some hints and tips on food here

The times, they are (still) a-changing, and lots of younger boys and girls aren't so worried about decorating or wearing a tiara, or sticking on an eye patch and 'gaaaarrrrrr'-ing with the best of them. 

But every parent - and child - will have their own feelings on this one. We currently have a Jungle kit which is probably the most unisex, and we'll be expanding the themes soon so there will be more and more choice for parents. Alternatively, if you have lots of children coming you could order one pirate and one princess box, and have a mixed-theme party.

Yes! As we grow, we'll be adding different themes, and expanding on the existing ones. 

We've had a number of suggestions: superheroes, football, fairies, space, knights, sports, transport... If you have a suggestion please let us know either on our social media, or you can contact us here. 

We have a mixture of toys and sweets (in packets) in the pinata. There's enough for every child to get something, but room to add your own if you really want a bonanza! 

Unfortunately, eight is currently the minimum sized kit we sell. 

No, you don't need batteries for any of the items in the kits. But they do often come in useful if your child receives lots of gifts that need batteries. The number of times we've had to ransack the remote controls...

Get in touch with us before you order if you need any extra bits and pieces from the standard kit, that aren't found in our Add Ons section. We'll always see what we can do!