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Want your child's party to be a roaring success? Choose a Jungle Adventure party kit. For all the wild ones, this is a bright, beast-filled party perfect for animal-crazy kids.

It's also perfect for any parent who wants to save time and money! Save yourself hours trawling through websites, by simply buying the party in one click! 

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With a Jungle Adventure themed party kit, you and your child can be sure the celebrations will be a roaring success! This is a bright, beast-filled party perfect for animal-crazy kids.

Decorations and tableware will transform the venue into a wild safari, while children will love creating their very own jungle animal glasses and scratch art magnets. Group games like pass the parcel and pinata offer prizes (and are fab if you're in need of a bit of crowd control), while the music CD and info booklet help with even more themed party games.

Kids can pack up their crafts or prizes into their party bags - pre-packed for you with five fun items. That means room for cake, as well as extra time for you!

The games and activities will fill a 90-120mins party - plenty of time for 3-7 year olds to celebrate before they get weary and teary!

The info booklet also gives ideas on how to set the party up, but we have created a kit flexible enough so you can structure around your own needs and venue.  

The party is for 8 children. If you're throwing a bigger bash, you can increase the number of guests on our Add-Ons page - but remember to add an extra pass-the-parcel or pinata if you're having an entire class round! That way, everyone will have a chance to join in.

Imagine: just one click now, and you can get started on the other 2000 jobs on your list!

Full kit contents

Decorations & tableware (themed)

- 8 x invitations  

- 8 x thank you cards 

- 8 x filled party bags (each bag contains 5 items)

- 8 x dinner plates

- 8 x cake plates

- 8 x paper cups

- 8 x plastic cutlery sets

- 16 x napkins 

- 1 x tablecloth 

- 1 x happy birthday banner

- 2 x animal spiral decorations

- Animal balloons

- Multi-coloured balloons


- Pass-the-parcel (8 layers)

- Pull pinata (pull pinatas are better for smaller children. Even adults find the traditional ones difficult to bust open sometimes) 

- Pinata filler (sweets and toys)

- 8 x jungle animal glasses to decorate (including colouring pencils)

- 8 x jungle scratch art

- 16 x mini art canvasses (fabric pens included)


- Party CD

- Instructions/games booklet

- Party blowers

- Balloon pump

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